Day 6 of WFC 2023 brought a culmination of talent and sportsmanship as we celebrated the Players of the Matches, recognized the Fair Floorball awardees, and unveiled the placement positions. As we move closer to the finals, the floorball community is buzzing with anticipation for the crowning moments and thrilling clashes that lie ahead.

Here are the special ceremonies today:


France: #10 Sandie Masi
Australia: #07 Hannah Hollands
Presented by Mr Adrian Tan, Tournament Director WFC 2023, Director, Kin Productions Pte Ltd


USA: #1 Megan Addington
Australia: #4 Kati Kolsar
Presented by Mr Vincent Chai, Director of KIN Production


Germany: #12 Theresa Beppler-Alt
Norway: #12 Ida Sundberg
Presented by Zane Klabere, Jury member of International Floorball Federation


Poland: #24 Martyna Gradzka
Finland: #89 Jenna Saario
Presented by Helen Wiklund Warell, Jury chair of International Floorball Federation

Singapore: #36 Shannon Yeo
Japan: #19 Yu Abe
Presented by Mr Ben Ow, President, Singapore Floorball Association


Latvia: #08 Allana Kolosova
Sweden: #44 Lisa Carlsson
Presented by Zane Klabere, IFF Jury Member



Australia: #3 Nilda Gardet
France: #10 Blaise Hodges
Presented by Calle Karlsson, International Floorball Federation Central Board Member; President, USA Floorball Association


USA: #02 Suzanne Lindquist
Estonia: #74 Johanna Siling
Presented by Tero Kalsta, International Floorball Federation Sales Coordinator


13th to 16th PLACEMENTS

16th place: Australia 🇦🇺


15th place: France 🇫🇷


14th place: USA 🇺🇸


13th place: Estonia 🇪🇪


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